• Road to Cortez 22 x 15 Original Art Work $700

    Road to Cortez 22 x 15 Original Art Work $700

    Original Art Work done on paper using watermedia and collage. This is the image of the mountain road from Telluride Colorado to Cortez Colorado. The mountains are bright with sunshine and colored rocks lined with trees. This painting was featured in the book "Splash 13"

  • Aspen Hilltop10 x 13Watermedia on Paper

    Aspen Hilltop10 x 13Watermedia on Paper

    Bright sunshine and stark shadows are the early morning views from the mountain tops. The aspen trees are as bright as the snow in a winter scene in the mountains. This original art work reflects the emotions of the scene.

  • Follow me up the Mountain15 x 22Watercolor

    Follow me up the Mountain15 x 22Watercolor

    The Alabama Hills are bright orange and bold other colors. The heat comes from the rocks and white sand. A few plants manage to survive in this start atmosphere.

  • 1hills_in_bloom


  • 1sunrise_glow


  • 1let_it_flow


  • 1wow


  • The Hills are  Alive

    The Hills are Alive

    Bright sunshine, trees , rocks, and distant hills, makes me want to paint and remember the sight. 24 x 10 Mixed Media

  • Shall we  Talk

    Shall we Talk

    Snow took us by surprise and the chairs were there waiting for the people, so they had a conversation. 22 x 30 Watercolor

  • View from the Ranch

    View from the Ranch

    Bright sky, orange rocks, and distant mountiains, the world is amazing. 12 x 22 watercolor

  • Sunrise at Cammeron

    Sunrise at Cammeron

    Along the Little Colorado river the sides of the river rise up and form an amazing display of sand, and rocks 20 x 15 watercolor

  • Alabama Hills

    Alabama Hills

    Outside Lone Pine CA. in an area called Alabama Hills are theres amazing hills of orange volcanic rock. with the sunshine it glows. 20 x 15 watercolor.

  • Runoff


    Rocks filled with minerals are orange in parts of the Western US. The rushing waters made the rocks even brighter. Springtime aglow. 12 c 15 Mixed Media

  • Wild Waterfall

    Wild Waterfall

    High in the mountains water comes rushing down from as far as I can see. 15 x 12 Mixed Media